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MayNoWriMo #5: Setting More Realistic Goals

I know I haven’t been that consistent in my MayNoWriMo posts, mostly because I don’t think it would be entertaining enough for you all if I went on and on about my word count on a daily basis. I might do so during the official NaNoWriMo this year, but I’m not going to bother you with it every single day of the year.

So, we’re two weeks into May and my word count is laughable to say the least. Between being bombared with my work as a publicist and studying for my finals in June, my writing time is more than a little limited.

Roughly two weeks ago, I wrote a post stating my MayNoWriMo goals. At the time, these goals were (and this is a short recap, if you want the longer version, you’ll have to check that post):

  1. Rewrite Beyond The Mirror (working title). Status at beginning of the month: 0k/55k words.
  2. Finish first draft for Ghostslayer. Status at beginning of the month: 27k/80k words (I estimate the novel will wrap up somewhere between 70-80k words).
  3. Work on the edits for Mirror, Mirror.
  4. Write an outline for Beyond The Mirror and Ghostslayer.
  5. A couple of days later, I also decided I wanted to write an outline for Soul Thief and Demonic Pact, the first two books in my Angel of Death Series.

What I have done so far, is the following.

  1. I wrote an outline for Ghostslayer, which was a tremendous help. I know finally figured out where the story is headed, and I can tick off chapter per chapter. I’m currently working on chapter six.
  2. For Mirror, Mirror, I completely edited the manuscript one more time before sending it to the editor. She got back to me with edits soon after, and I got through the first round of edits. Now I sent the manuscript back to her, and she’s working on another round of edits. This is, so far, actually the only thing writing-related where I’m on track. Click here to read all about my editing woes.
  3. I also managed to write an outline for Demonic Pact, the sequel to Soul Thief. Since I already knew all the things I wanted to happen, this was fairly easy.
  4. For Ghostslayer, I’m now at 35k words, give or take a few. The story is really taking off, but the last scene I wrote was absolutely horrible. An abundance of words like ‘fear’, ‘stumbling’ and ‘ghosts’. Need more synonyms and crafty sentences!

And what does this mean?

I need to set more realistic goals, especially with my upcoming finals in mind.

  1. Instead of finishing Ghostslayer, I’m going to aim for 50k. Writing is my favorite spare time activity, so I think I might be able to pull that off till the end of the month.
  2. I’m postponing the rewrite for Beyond The Mirror till after my finals. I should’ve plenty of time then, and at least I can then focus on it properly.
  3. The edits for The Sleeping Kingdom are postponed until after my finals as well.

I hate it when I have to readjust my goals, but c’est la vie, I suppose.


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MayNoWriMo #4: Edits, edits and did I mention, edits?

I’ve been busier than Tony Starks when he’s trying to save the world from his evil, grey-haired mentor. Yes, I watched Iron Man today. While I liked the movie, and I loved the actor playing Tony Stark (is that the same actor who plays Sherlock Holmes? In any case, he’s awesome), I wasn’t too particularly fond of the evil guy. Mentor turning evil? Been there, done that. Anyway, back to topic!

I know I promised that I would write more this month and if I didn’t, I would end up in Hell and give my soul to the devil for all eternity. Well, there are only two problems standing between me and my next novel. $

  1.  I have to study practically 24/7 if I want to stand a chance of making my university finals.
  2. Edits, edits and did I mention, edits?

I did manage to read through my book and edit it by yesterday afternoon. That’s morning for you American folks. Today my editor got back to me (she’s faster than I am, that’s for sure!) and well, by some miracle I have to do even more edits. Well, it’s not exactly a miracle, and I actually like doing it, but it still takes a huge bite off my writing time. Also, it’s very hard work. But the sooner it’s done, the sooner I can sit and relax again (read: study, study, study and occassionally take a deep breath). I’ll be happy when it’s over, although I don’t mind doing it.

That said, although I did manage to come up with an outline for Ghostslayer, I’m thinking of temporarily shelving it until I’ve completely finished Beyond The Mirror and the edits for Mirror, Mirror, and finals. It depends on whether or not I actually get to write something during the next few days.

I hope your MayNoWriMo has been going better than mine!


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MayNoWriMo #3: Outlines

In my rather ambitious post yesterday, I confessed that I wanted to reach 35k in Ghostslayer today, write an outline for a bunch of manuscripts and edit Mirror, Mirror. Alas, no such luck. Not because I wasn’t productive today – although I have to admit, I wasn’t that productive – but mostly because I had a lot of classes. Classes are never fun, but when they go about taxes, they’re even worse.

So, what did I manage to do today?

  1. I wrote an outline for Demonic Pact, the sequel to Soul Thief. It was actually pretty easy, but still took me about one/two hours. I’m a bit worried about the word count on this one though. I hope I make it to around 80k with this novel once I get down to writing it.
  2. I also managed to write an outline for Ghostslayer. This is probably the wisest decision I’ve ever made. Now at least I know where I’m headed, even if the novel is starting to sound like a mixture between Silent Hill and Supernatural. The outline alone is around 5k. I’m now at 30k into the novel, and I’ve just started chapter six. Considering what I still have planned (a total of 15 chapters, but not all equally long) I guess it’ll end up at around 85k words total. A bit longer than I expected, but still within the limits.

Well, that’s it. I didn’t actually manage to work on the Ghostslayer first draft, I didn’t edit Mirror Mirror, and I didn’t write an outline for Beyond The Mirror either. Ah. But c’est la vie, I suppose.

Tomorrow I probably won’t manage to do much either. I’m getting up early tomorrow to watch The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle and I hope I can squeeze in some more work before I head home for the weekend (a two hour train ride on which I can do virtually nothing besides reading). Additionally, I’m going out with some friends I haven’t seen in ages tomorrow night, so it sounds like friday won’t be that productive. Why are there only 24 hours in a day?

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MayNoWriMo #2: The first 3k words

Well, today is my second day of MayNoWriMo. Time does fly. I didn’t get to do an awful lot yesterday. I spent most of my time with my boyfriend, because I left again for university today (which also took a lot of time I couldn’t spend writing) and only got to write a tiny little bit. Inbetween studying five courses, I’m pleased with what I did so far though. I was suffering from a gigantic writer’s block in my Ghostslayer manuscript, and at least now I’m writing again.

So, what did I mange to do so far?

  • I wrote 3k words in Ghostslayer, reaching a total of 30k words. Yay for the big 30k mark!
  • Halfway through, I got a spark of inspiration that went down for the notebook. Something about a girl selling her soul to the devil in the prologue. Maybe not an unique concept, but it would be great if that would be the start of a book for once…

What I hope to do tomorrow:

  • Miraculously reach 35k words in Ghostslayer. That’s what we call wishful thinking, people. More reasonable goal would be to reach 32k.
  • Write an outline for Ghostslayer. It’s about time because I have no idea where I’m going with this.
  • Write an outline for Soul Thief and Demonic Pact (the sequel to Soul Thief). Why? Well, they weren’t in my initial plan but I had a lot of inspiration for them today thanks to some people on the train. While the first draft of Soul Thief is at 65k and like 90% done, it could use a complete rewrite and that’s where the outline comes in.
  • Read through Mirror, Mirror and edit the book before I send it to the editor.

What I’ll probably end up doing tomorrow:

  • Work for university, InkSpell and Enchanted Book Promotions. Hopefully write a review for I Heart Reading.

How is your MayNoWriMo going so far?

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MayNoWriMo #1: Monthly Goals

We’re already May 2nd and…it’s MayNoWriMo! For those of you wondering what MayNoWriMo is, it’s basically like NaNoWriMo except it’s in May. Every year, a large number of insane people sign up to participate in NaNoWriMo and write a 50k words novel in an entire month. Mind you, it’s just a first draft, but still, that’s one huge accomplishment! Then you also have some crazy people who think NaNoWriMo just isn’t crazy enough and who want to write 50k words every single month. Meet yours truly. I might not succeed (and I definitely won’t succeed in June, with finals coming up) but at least I’m trying. And every word written down is an accomplishment on its own.

I’m going to be a bit of a rebel this month though…

  1. I want to start the rewrite of Beyond The Mirror, the sequel to my debut novel Mirror, Mirror. I want to finish this by June, so I can send it off to my publisher. Since this is a rewrite, it should go easier than a first draft. Current status: 0k/55k words.
  2. I also want to finish writing the first draft of Ghostslayer, one of my WIPs featuring a girl who…surprise, surprise…slays ghosts. Current status: 27k/70-80k words. I estimate the story will come to an end somewhere between 70 and 80k, but that might just be wishful thinking.
  3. For Mirror, Mirror, I need to read through the entire story and start working on edits so I can send it to my editor.
  4. Last but not least, I would also like to edit The Sleeping Kingdom, based on critiques by my critique partners. But I hate editing, so I might not get to this. Plus, the plate already looks pretty full.
  5. I also want to write an outline for Beyond The Mirror and Ghostslayer, so I can keep better track of where the stories are going.

Well, that’s it. That’s a current estimate of reading through 50k words (Mirror, Mirror), rewriting 55k words (Beyond The Mirror), writing 40-50k words (Ghostslayer) and editing 75k words (the Sleeping Kingdom). Chances I will ever complete all of this while working like crazy on my study projects for finals? Nihil. But hey, at least I’ll have tried. Plus, I like to lay the bar high, that way I tend to achieve more.

So my official MayNoWriMo project is Ghostslayer. I’m a rebel because I don’t start from scratch in May, but whatever. I’m so cool I get to be rebellious.

What are your goals for May? Are you participating in MayNoWriMo?


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