Hey, there. My name is Majanka, and I would like to welcome you to my writing blog. Here I blog about everything writing-related, from works in progress to the publication of my first novel and everything in between. Occassionally you’ll see things like character sheets, dream casting posts, and of course, some fun stuff and freebies.

If you want to see my more “official” website where I talk about all things writing-related (writing, editing, querying, publishing, self-publishing and book marketing), go check out Write to Publish. It has interesting articles that can be of use to all writers. It’s more of a general blog, and not focused on my writing only, but on the writing community in general.

Apart from writing, I’m also a full-time law school student. This is my fourth year in law school. One more to go (except that it’ll probably take longer, because I want to take criminology classes as well before I graduate). I live in Belgium, I’m twenty-one-years-old and my number one goal is world domination. Subscribe to my website to become one of my minions. ;)

I’m in love with books. Duh, else I wouldn’t be a writer. But I’m so in love with books, that I review them on an almost daily basis, or host other book-related memes such as In My Mailbox, Teaser Tuesday, cover reveals, and some giveaways on my book review blog, I Heart Reading.

I work as a freelance publicist and help people promote their books through my website Enchanted Book Promotions. We organize book tours, launch parties, cover reveal events, twitter parties and more. On top of that, we can also help you with your webdesign, and we’re looking into offering premium WordPress and Blogger themes in the future. We can also design a cover for your book, promotional banners, business cards and everything a writer could ever need.

I write mostly young adult novels. I hope to expand my horizon and move on to new adult and middle grade novels in the future, because they look like fun as well. The genres I usually write in include fantasy and paranormal, since they’re my two favorite genres. I occassionally dabble in the horror genre as well, and one of the stories I’m currently drafting is dystopian. So yes, I like variety.

My debut novel, Mirror Mirror, is being published in October 2012 by InkSpell Publishing.


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