MayNoWriMo #4: Edits, edits and did I mention, edits?

I’ve been busier than Tony Starks when he’s trying to save the world from his evil, grey-haired mentor. Yes, I watched Iron Man today. While I liked the movie, and I loved the actor playing Tony Stark (is that the same actor who plays Sherlock Holmes? In any case, he’s awesome), I wasn’t too particularly fond of the evil guy. Mentor turning evil? Been there, done that. Anyway, back to topic!

I know I promised that I would write more this month and if I didn’t, I would end up in Hell and give my soul to the devil for all eternity. Well, there are only two problems standing between me and my next novel. $

  1.  I have to study practically 24/7 if I want to stand a chance of making my university finals.
  2. Edits, edits and did I mention, edits?

I did manage to read through my book and edit it by yesterday afternoon. That’s morning for you American folks. Today my editor got back to me (she’s faster than I am, that’s for sure!) and well, by some miracle I have to do even more edits. Well, it’s not exactly a miracle, and I actually like doing it, but it still takes a huge bite off my writing time. Also, it’s very hard work. But the sooner it’s done, the sooner I can sit and relax again (read: study, study, study and occassionally take a deep breath). I’ll be happy when it’s over, although I don’t mind doing it.

That said, although I did manage to come up with an outline for Ghostslayer, I’m thinking of temporarily shelving it until I’ve completely finished Beyond The Mirror and the edits for Mirror, Mirror, and finals. It depends on whether or not I actually get to write something during the next few days.

I hope your MayNoWriMo has been going better than mine!



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