MayNoWriMo #3: Outlines

In my rather ambitious post yesterday, I confessed that I wanted to reach 35k in Ghostslayer today, write an outline for a bunch of manuscripts and edit Mirror, Mirror. Alas, no such luck. Not because I wasn’t productive today – although I have to admit, I wasn’t that productive – but mostly because I had a lot of classes. Classes are never fun, but when they go about taxes, they’re even worse.

So, what did I manage to do today?

  1. I wrote an outline for Demonic Pact, the sequel to Soul Thief. It was actually pretty easy, but still took me about one/two hours. I’m a bit worried about the word count on this one though. I hope I make it to around 80k with this novel once I get down to writing it.
  2. I also managed to write an outline for Ghostslayer. This is probably the wisest decision I’ve ever made. Now at least I know where I’m headed, even if the novel is starting to sound like a mixture between Silent Hill and Supernatural. The outline alone is around 5k. I’m now at 30k into the novel, and I’ve just started chapter six. Considering what I still have planned (a total of 15 chapters, but not all equally long) I guess it’ll end up at around 85k words total. A bit longer than I expected, but still within the limits.

Well, that’s it. I didn’t actually manage to work on the Ghostslayer first draft, I didn’t edit Mirror Mirror, and I didn’t write an outline for Beyond The Mirror either. Ah. But c’est la vie, I suppose.

Tomorrow I probably won’t manage to do much either. I’m getting up early tomorrow to watch The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle and I hope I can squeeze in some more work before I head home for the weekend (a two hour train ride on which I can do virtually nothing besides reading). Additionally, I’m going out with some friends I haven’t seen in ages tomorrow night, so it sounds like friday won’t be that productive. Why are there only 24 hours in a day?


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