MayNoWriMo #2: The first 3k words

Well, today is my second day of MayNoWriMo. Time does fly. I didn’t get to do an awful lot yesterday. I spent most of my time with my boyfriend, because I left again for university today (which also took a lot of time I couldn’t spend writing) and only got to write a tiny little bit. Inbetween studying five courses, I’m pleased with what I did so far though. I was suffering from a gigantic writer’s block in my Ghostslayer manuscript, and at least now I’m writing again.

So, what did I mange to do so far?

  • I wrote 3k words in Ghostslayer, reaching a total of 30k words. Yay for the big 30k mark!
  • Halfway through, I got a spark of inspiration that went down for the notebook. Something about a girl selling her soul to the devil in the prologue. Maybe not an unique concept, but it would be great if that would be the start of a book for once…

What I hope to do tomorrow:

  • Miraculously reach 35k words in Ghostslayer. That’s what we call wishful thinking, people. More reasonable goal would be to reach 32k.
  • Write an outline for Ghostslayer. It’s about time because I have no idea where I’m going with this.
  • Write an outline for Soul Thief and Demonic Pact (the sequel to Soul Thief). Why? Well, they weren’t in my initial plan but I had a lot of inspiration for them today thanks to some people on the train. While the first draft of Soul Thief is at 65k and like 90% done, it could use a complete rewrite and that’s where the outline comes in.
  • Read through Mirror, Mirror and edit the book before I send it to the editor.

What I’ll probably end up doing tomorrow:

  • Work for university, InkSpell and Enchanted Book Promotions. Hopefully write a review for I Heart Reading.

How is your MayNoWriMo going so far?


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